National Bank of Oman (NBO): Annual Report
This layout focuses on the future. It captures the aspect of present-day dynamism, and the promise of new thinking as the bank ushers in a new era. This idea is unified by the concept of direction, that encourages charting a new course and thinking of different ways to reach the end goal - success. This layout is contemporary and youthful, aligned with a growing focus towards this demographic.
Visual Treatment
The visual style is inspired by the ‘grid’. A grid generally speaks to the idea of direction and planning. A contemporary and geometric interpretation of the grid gives light to new angles, lines of thinking and ultimately a new direction for the bank.
Inside spreads
- Different components of the grid act as a frame for imagery.
- As the future is unknown, this style is a minimal - a blank canvass, highlighting negative space, the colour white and lighter tints of the NBO palette.
- These layouts push the boundary - they are atypical, inspiring a new way of viewing the everyday.
- Photography in this layout will focus on details and perspective based shots of landscape imagery in Oman to create interesting layouts.