National Bank of Oman (NBO): Annual Report
This layout centres around continued success. 
Marking a new milestone by ranking on the Forbes list of the best Middle Eastern companies, this visual route is a celebration of timeless success and a token that boosts the sentiment  during these trying times for stakeholders.
Slip case & Cover
Visual Treatment
The visual treatment focuses on metallics to highlight the aspect of achievement with black and white imagery to bring a classic, vintage feel to this execution.
Inside spreads
- Incorporation of full metallic bleed pages for key messages breaks the monotony of content heavy sections.
- The layout relies on a rich palette to accentuate metallic tones.
- Black and white landscape imagery complement the metallic device.
- Imagery is further brought to life with metallic accents.
- A contemporary infographic style is developed merging the metallic feel with the elegant colour palette and intricate line styles.